Dirk Oliver Theis

Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dirk Oliver Theis
Associate Professor of Theoretical Computer Science
dotheis at ut dot ee


Area: Intersection of Optimization and Quantum Computing

Research Group

Postdoc Current PhD students
  • Javier Gil Vidal: Analysis with Quantum Circuits
  • Rafieh Mosaheb (BSc Sharif): Quantum algorithms
  • Bahman Ghandchi (BSc Uni Tehran): Everybody’s guess
  • Anti Ingel: Unsupervised deep topical reinforcement learning
Current MSc students
  • Evgenii Dolzhkov:
    Several complex variables and parameterized quantum circuits
  • Michael Nitsenko
  • Anderew Lei
Former PhD students Former PhD students


I’m responsible for the following courses in the CS MSc curriculum
  • 05.008 Math Foundations
    • Fall, 1st graduate semester
    • ➢ Graduate Linear Algebra mostly
  • 05.118 Quantum Computing I
    • Spring, 2nd graduate semester
    • ➢ Basic quantum algorithms
  • 05.123 Quantum Computing II 
    • Fall, 3rd graduate semester
    • ➢ Advanced quantum algorithms
  • 05.124 Quantum Seminar
    • Every semester.